Brightening the Day of a Hospitalized Child

Handmade_BearsThanks to the Landis Homes knitting and crocheting group for this armful of adorable teddy bears, and to the children of Vineyard Fellowship Vacation Bible School in Bradford, Ohio, for the day-brightening Get Well cards, all 126 of them!
The children also took a collection in support of the hospitals’ services to children and youth.

This fall, we’ll be distributing the cards and bears to children at the Nazareth Hospital.


Helping Dreams Come True…

Nazareth Hospital providing medical services through West Bank Outreach

BesanBesan is 8 years old and lives with her family in a tent, which is located in the area called “Al Maleh” in Area C of the West Bank. This tent, part of a community of 13 villages, has already been demolished three times, and the family has little hope that there will not be a fourth time.

The villagers living in this network of tents are from the Northern Valley of the West Bank, where their homes were destroyed in the 1967 war, and since that time they have had to choose either to leave or live in tents. The original population consisted of 5,000 families who were displaced, and now 450 families remain.

Where they live there is no electricity, no water or infrastructure to support the communities, and building is forbidden. There are no schools for the area, so the small number of children who choose to pursue their education can only get to school by crossing an army checkpoint, where they may or may not be allowed to cross.

Area C is fully under the control of Israel, though the citizens are Palestinians of
Bedouin descent, and no medical service is provided in the area either by Israel or the Palestinian Authority. The only service being provided at the present time is that provided by the Nazareth Hospital.

Living in this situation, this young girl doesn’t think about school and what bag to take and what books to buy. Instead she has to think about whether she will be able to get to school at all, through the system of military checkpoints.

In addition to these difficulties, Besan has been disabled from birth, a result of a problem in her legs. She is unable to walk. Living where she does, Besan had never been seen by a doctor to determine the cause of her condition. Four months ago, as a part of the work of the Nazareth Hospital in Area C, one of our doctors saw her for the first time. From this meeting, our dream has been to see her walk.

Besan is one of 12 children in the family. Her father herds goats in a place where both the summer and winter months are harsh, and their life in their tent is constantly under threat.
Yet Besan is a strong girl. She decided that despite her disability and the difficulties she experiences she would get to school and study. And she also dreams of walking. Often our dreams may not be allowed or may not be possible, but she has allowed herself to dream like this.

Seeing her determination, the staff of the Hospital that works in this area believe with her, and have taken on her dream of walking. Our challenge now is to bring her to Nazareth, so that she can undergo testing and treatment to help her realize her dream.

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