A Prayer for the People of Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank

Mindful of the deep sadness and anger of the people of Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank, we take action as we are able. Also, we pray. We join our prayer with the prayers of our colleagues and friends in Nazareth and the West Bank.

Prince of Peace, we call on you. Raise up peacemakers and followers of Your Way, to Your Glory. Bread of Life, Living Water, may those who are hungry receive bread. May those who are thirsty access clean water. Healer, Comforter, Good Shepherd, may those in need of medical attention receive care. May those afflicted and traumatized in mind and spirit receive comfort. Restore their souls. O God, protect the vulnerable from further harm. Your Kingdom come. Your Will be done. In Jesus’ Name.

Jesus Trail Presentations

Eager to learn more about hiking the Jesus Trail?

Bruce Stauffer has shared pictures and stories from his trip in March and you can also learn more about the September fundraising hike.

Hiking from Capernaum

On the Trail from Capernaum

Past Presentations:

  • Saturday, May 31 at 9 AM
    Harvest Room at Landis Homes
  • Sunday, June 1 at 6:30 PM
    Diller Mennonite Church
    345 Creek Rd
    Newville, PA 17241-8718
  • Sunday, June 8 at 9:45 AM
    Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
    Foundersmith Auditorium
    31 S Duke St
    Lancaster, PA 17602

Hiking the Jesus Trail

Jesus_Trail_group_viewThis week, 3 hikers from the US are part of a group hiking the Jesus Trail as a fundraiser to support the Chaplaincy Department of the Nazareth Hospital.

Nazareth Project board member Bruce Stauffer arrived in Israel last week to join Ernie and Lois Hess who had been volunteering at the Hospital for 6 weeks.

Check the Nazareth Project Facebook page this week for more pictures and when the hikers return, we’ll be posting stories/pictures here and on Facebook.