What We Do

Made possible through your support:

  • Major development and scholarship funds for Nazareth Hospital and School of Nursing, improving healthcare services and education for the greater  region, including areas of the West Bank.
  • Educational exchange between healthcare professionals from Nazareth and the USA
  • Networks of Prayer and Financial Support across the USA
  • Americans in Nazareth to serve the local community

We Raise Development funds for:

  • Hospital and classroom equipment
  • Scholarships for nursing students
  • Continuing education courses for staff
  • Leadership development programs
  • Chaplaincy program and related activities

We Facilitate:

  • American volunteers to serve in Nazareth
  • Networks of Prayer for Nazareth ministries
  • U.S. experts to Nazareth as visiting professors and development consultants

Our Activities:

SERVE Nazareth volunteer program:  We facilitate and recruit participants in SERVE Nazareth. SERVE volunteers combine service, learning, and ministry. They spend time at Nazareth Hospital, School of Nursing, and Nazareth Village, while making connections with the local church congregations in Nazareth. In this way they, SERVE volunteers connect members of the Nazareth community.

Senior US Advisor & Cultural Exchange Programs
We network with medical experts in their field and recruit them to consult on projects.

-We sponsor Nazareth healthcare professionals for continuing education courses. Five such guests have studied at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute (Center for Conflict Transformation, Harrisonburg, VA).

-We fund publication of education tools. Written by Dr. Amal Khazin, nursing school director, two books on parenting are currently part of the school’s outreach to families.

Prayer:  We publish prayer requests through email and our quarterly newsletter.

Awareness: We connect the Nazareth community to the people of the US through story-telling and people-to-people programs such as educational exchange.