School of Nursing

The Nazareth School of Nursing prepares Palestinian men and women, citizens of Israel, for careers in the healthcare field. It is the only Arab nursing school in Israel.

The school currently has 248 students enrolled (178 women and 70 men). Each year, about 50 young men and women graduate from the program with baccalaureate degrees in nursing.

The student population is predominately Arab, with a majority Muslim students. Ethics are taught from a Christian standpoint. Classes and lectures are conducted mostly in Hebrew (all medical charting in Israel is in Hebrew, as well as medical terminology), with some English, and discussion in Arabic.

Access to education for Israel’s disadvantaged, Arab citizens is fundamental in addressing socioeconomic divisions in Israeli society.

In 2005, after years of being scattered across the hospital campus to meet in various snug classrooms, the School moved into its own building, equipped with six lecture rooms, laboraties, a medical library, and as of 2009, an auditorium.

Since 2001, from Individuals and Private Foundations, The Nazareth Project has raised the following for the School:

  • $54,265 in Scholarship Funds
  • $25,081 in Capital Funds for an auditorium.
    Completed in 2009, the auditorium now serves as a center for community education and engagement.
  • $30,315 for other nursing school projects, including funding for the school’s publication of 2 community-education books on parenting.

The Nazareth School of Nursing’s current needs include classroom equipment and faculty development.

The Nazareth Project Inc. continues to seek out US foundations with interest in supporting the school’s further development.