West Bank Outreach

Access to healthcare:

The Palestinian populations of the West Bank that live in Area C of the West Bank and in the Bedouin communities are isolated and surrounded by military roadblocks. This situation prevents access to essential and quality primary health care services.

In the Palestinian territories, the travel distance added by the separation wall and other roadblocks and detours has increased basic transportation costs, exacerbating the problem of access to quality (and timely) medical attention. Lack of access to a basic human need exacerbates, rather than mitigates, conflict.

Field outreach is key in areas where such travel difficulties serve to compound the stress of illness for a family.

In January 2014,  the Hospital began providing a weekly mobile clinic to villages in the West Bank, including Bedouin tented communities.

While predominantly a pediatric clinic, the clinic will not turn anyone away. In the majority of cases this is the first time many of these children have had a medical examination from a doctor.

Additionally, a long-term goal of the Hospital is to purchase and operate a mobile medical clinic with diagnostic equipment.

In addition to providing medical care, Nazareth Hospital’s outreach teams also bring these heavily burdened West Bank residents a message: We believe in your value. We believe that your health is worth hours of our time waiting at checkpoints. For you, we will continue to cross political borders as ministers of healing.

Palestinian and Israeli healthcare professionals will comprise integrated teams of a general practitioner, nurse and specialist in the needed medical field. The mobile clinic team will go out from Nazareth Hospital to communities in Area C of the West Bank and to Arab villages in northern Israel.

Those diagnosed with health problems requiring a higher level of follow-up will be referred to the relevant health care facility in either the Palestinian Territories or in Israel, as needed, once consultation between the mobile team and referral center has taken place.

This project is a mission of compassion and reconciliation to the people who find themselves living in isolated West Bank villages, as well as an opportunity for Israeli and Palestinian health care workers to gain tools for understanding and mitigating conflict.

The groundwork has been laid. However, funds are needed in order to purchase a mobile clinic. We are pursuing major grants toward this long-term goal and the Hospital is working to raise $170,000 to buy its first mobile medical clinic. Equipped with the technology needed for proper medical examinations, the vehicle will help us provide more people with access to proper primary care.

You can help the Hospital to make this outreach work more effective.

As an additional step to help in the health care of these communities Nazareth Hospital is seeking to provide each of the families in these villages with a Medi-Box containing First Aid and Personal Hygiene items.

The Medi-Box program will come under the Hospital’s Educational Program as Medi-Boxes will only be issued where instruction on their use has been given.

The administration of basic first aid is a large part of the service offered by the Hospital outreach workers.