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West Bank Fellowship Program

Fellowship Training Program for West Bank Physicians

The Nazareth Hospital provides the opportunity for West Bank physicians to undergo a year or more of training in an area of specialization. The hospital is able to accommodate two physicians per year in each of five areas of specialization: General surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Orthopedic Surgery and Radiology.

These physicians have completed medical training at a West Bank university or at a foreign medical school and are seeking further specialized training. The goal of the Fellowship Training Program is to provide the Palestinian physicians with an opportunity to learn and advance their knowledge while preparing them to pass the medical board exams of the Palestinian Authority.

Only some of these non-salaried physicians receive support from a West Bank organization. NPI supporters are invited to contribute to a stipend fund for the remaining physicians on the program.

Dr. Taher Salameh (left), from Tulkarm on the West Bank, is a 27-year old graduate from Alquds Medical University. He started a residency program in Internal Medicine at the Nazareth Hospital in February 2017. After completing his residency, Dr. Salameh plans to return to the West Bank and use his new skills to treat patients in medical centers there.

Dr. Tamer Sbaih (top right) is specializing in Orthopedic Surgery as a resident at the Nazareth Hospital. After studying medicine, he worked as a Resident Doctor for the New Jericho Hospital and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society Hospital. When he completes his residency, Dr. Sbaih plans to be a proactive member in the medical field in Palestine and hopes to create a Medical Association of Orthopedics there.