Nazareth Hospital

The Nazareth Hospital, EMMS is the district general hospital and main trauma center serving Nazareth, home to 46% of Israel’s Arab population, the surrounding towns and villages, comprising a catchment area of approximately 264,000. It is also a center for teaching and research.

With 146 beds, the Nazareth Hospital is a center of excellence for a number of clinical activities with some departments being recognized and formally accredited for the specialist training of doctors.

Nazareth Hospital remains an example of co-existence and cooperation between people of diverse faiths and ethnic identities.

Unique Services:

  • The Hospital also has the main psychiatry department in the region, and is the only psychiatric care facility in Israel whose staff is able to provide Arab patients with mental health services in their first language.
  • The Hospital is the main center for dialysis for Nazareth and nearby villages and deals with many complicated kidney patients due to the high rate of diabetes and renal failure among the Arab population in Israel.


  • To provide quality healthcare in a spirit of love to all who need it, regardless of religious belief, ethnicity, or national origin.


  • A university hospital provides quality, available health services and is a source of inspiration and model for imitation.
  • Respects all who pass through it, and acts with cultural sensitivity.
  • Empowers the patient and his/her family through a fully holistic approach “Bio-PsychoSocial”.
  • Encourages excellence and professionalism among its staff.
  • Applies and contributes to advances in knowledge and technology.
  • Promotes research and scientific health education.
  • Works towards promoting the health of the population in partnership with the community and its institutions.