Nazareth Project Inc.

Partnering with Nazareth Trust in Nazareth and surrounding areas
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NPI is a US nonprofit organization working closely with the Scotland-based Nazareth Trust to further the mission and success of the Nazareth Hospital and School of Nursing, both of which are owned by the Trust. Both organizations have independent bylaws and boards of directors. However, they collaborate closely to increase the significant impact of these Christian organizations in Israel.

Our primary activities are to identify financial resources for Nazareth Hospital and School of Nursing, to promote visits to Nazareth and to facilitate professional and volunteer exchanges. NPI promotes visits to the historic Nazareth Village and Christian volunteer service through SERVE Nazareth, which are also run by the Nazareth Trust.

NPI activities include:

  • Raising funds – public and private – for Nazareth Hospital and Nazareth School of Nursing, including special projects and appeals
  • Highlighting programs that serve Palestinians from the nearby West Bank
  • Supporting “Spiritual Care” through a designated fund
  • Promoting, recruiting and facilitating volunteers for SERVE Nazareth
  • Promoting exchanges, including “Senior Advisor” professional training or consulting
  • Promoting and sponsoring engagement opportunities in Nazareth – tours, bike rides and hiking the Jesus Trail
  • Connecting the Nazareth community to the people of the US through story-telling, visits and service

NPI is currently led by Executive Director, Howard Good, and the NPI Board which is chaired by Wayne Speigle. The organization’s work is funded through private contributions and it periodically receives grants from a program of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Nazareth Project, Inc (NPI) is a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.

2023 Annual Report