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Advanced Training for West Bank Physicians

Palestinian Doctors Pursue Specializations at Nazareth Hospital

Nazareth Hospital provides the opportunity for West Bank physicians to undergo a year or more of training in an area of specialization. The hospital is able to accommodate up to four physicians per year in these areas of specialization: General surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Orthopedic Surgery and Radiology.

These physicians have completed medical training at a West Bank university or at a foreign medical school and are seeking further specialized training. The goal of the Advanced Training Program is to provide the Palestinian physicians with an opportunity to learn and advance their knowledge while preparing them to pass the medical board exams of the Palestinian Authority. They will then serve their community in the West Bank.

NPI Supporters are Invited to Contribute to a Stipend Fund for the Physicians in the Program.

Nazareth Project is raising funds to cover the majority of the costs for four doctors to stay and study at Nazareth Hospital over a several year period. Our goal is to raise $70,000 over the next two years. Please support this project by sending a check to NPI, or by an online contribution via the secure NPI donation portal Here.

Meet the West Bank Physicians Training at Nazareth Hospital

Dr. Amer Yasmin Abu Rmeileh

Dr. Amer Yasmin Abu Rmeileh was born in 1991 in the West Bank’s Hebron District (population 706,508). He graduated from high school with a grade point average of 95.5, which allowed him to successfully apply to medical school and study at the University of Alexandria, Egypt. After graduating from medical school with honors and distinction, Dr. Abu Rmeileh returned to his hometown and started his residency in General Surgery at a 250-bed teaching hospital, Hebron’s Ahli Hospital. There he completed his residency in Surgery and obtained the highest grade at the national level in the Palestinian Board exam. Dr. Abu Rmeileh took the Surgery Board exam at the Arab world level and ranked the 6 th in all the Arab world. Dr. Abu Rmeileh aspires to pursue sub-specialties in Laparoscopic and bariatric surgeries, both of which are lacking in the Palestinian Territories. Ahli Hospital encourages young physicians with potential to go for advanced training in order to provide more much-needed services to the people of the Hebron District. They encouraged Dr. Abu Rmeileh to pursue advanced training and return to teach and train other fellow physicians and lead the Surgical Department. Dr. Abu Rmeileh has chosen to come to the Nazareth Hospital in order to obtain the required training in Bariatric surgery.

Dr. Tareq Shabana

studied medicine at the University of Cairo (Qasr El Einy), Egypt. He returned home to Hebron District to work mainly in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. The 32-year-old doctor felt he needed to develop himself more through advanced training. When he heard about Nazareth Hospital’s opportunities for Palestinian doctors to train and specialize in different fields of medicine, he applied. “I was fortunate to connect with the Nazareth Hospital and be accepted in Emergency Medicine. The main goal is to train and return to Hebron, my hometown, in order to help the Palestinian people and provide the best care I can in my area of specialization. I am very grateful for this opportunity that the NH is providing me.”

Dr. Ez El Din Khalawi Abu Kharshi

Dr. Ez El Din Khalawi Abu Kharshi, born in 1988, is also from the West Bank’s Hebron District. After graduating Hebron High School, Dr. Abu Kharshi studied medicine at the Technological University of Jordan, graduating in 2011. Following a year-long internship at the Hebron government hospital, he began work in Cardiology at the Al-Mezan Specialty Hospital in Hebron and has been the Senior Resident in charge of Internal Medicine, ICU, and ICCU. His goal is to specialize in Internal Medicine and later Cardiology which is very much needed in the West Bank. He has been learning what he can from senior doctors, including an Interventional Cardiologist who also works at the Nazareth Hospital. Dr. Abu Kharshi has gone abroad several times to pursue advanced training in sub-specialties such as Catheterization, and has already been able to apply those skills at Al Mizan Hospital in Hebron.