Nazareth Project Inc.

Partnering with Nazareth Trust in Nazareth and surrounding areas
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The SERVE Nazareth volunteer program offers an incredible opportunity to journey to the historic town of Nazareth to witness the excellent work of the Nazareth Hospital and the School of Nursing, experience the first-century Nazareth Village and learn about cross cultural ministry while serving in the hometown of Jesus.

SERVE enables volunteers from around the world to grow in their relationships with God while living where Jesus lived and working with the people of Nazareth – serving and learning. There are multiple opportunities for service ranging in length and scope. Whether you want an initial encounter in the Holy Land or something more long-term, SERVE can work with you.

SERVE welcomes you to consider spending your medical elective at the Nazareth Hospital or becoming a tour guide at the Nazareth Village. You might even like to get your hands dirty by helping to maintain and renovate the buildings and grounds, while a further option still is to join the Pastoral Care team in providing a ministry of pray and presence to patients at the hospital and others from the local community.

As part of the SERVE Nazareth team you’ll explore the Holy Land, meet its people and become integrated into the local culture. The SERVE team offer a supportive environment for volunteers to discover new opportunities and make a real difference as they put faith into action.

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