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Third Anniversary of Nazareth’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Through the years, the Nazareth Hospital has based the development of new services on the needs of the community it serves. According to national statistics in Israel, the second highest cause of death is heart disease, with a higher rate of occurrence among Arabs. Nazareth is home to the largest Arab population within Israel.

Through your support, Nazareth Project Inc. (NPI) was able to win and administer a $500,000 USAID grant to purchase equipment for Nazareth’s first and only Catheterization Lab.

Left: Dr. Akram Abul Ful; Right: Dr. Elias George Hilou

Lab Director, Dr. Akram Abul Ful, describes the uniqueness of the lab at Nazareth Hospital, “Unlike other hospitals, we perform catheterization interventions in veins located beyond the heart area such as the lower limbs and the upper limbs, the aortic vein and the carotid artery. In cooperation with the medical team from the vascular surgery unit, these interventions are performed here in the Catheterization Lab.”

Dr. Elias George Hilou was born at Nazareth Hospital. Today he serves as a specialist in the new unit. “If this service had been available in Nazareth when my father fell ill, our family would be in a different place today.”