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NPI receives $891,475 ASHA grant for dialysis equipment

The Nazareth Project has been awarded a US government grant that will purchase new dialysis machines and related equipment at Nazareth Hospital.  Due to growing demand for dialysis treatment, the Hospital is expanding dialysis services by replacing old equipment and creating new treatment stations.

Diabetes is a prevalent illness in Nazareth, especially among Arab Israelis. Diet and lifestyle differences cause a higher incidence among Arabs than Israeli Jews. The Hospital is also expanding diabetes-prevention education programs that promote healthier lifestyles, improved nutrition and treatment options. These education messages will also be spread through social media, radio and TV.

American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) is a department within the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and annually provides $25-$30 million in grants to overseas organizations. Together with Nazareth Hospital, NPI has administered ten ASHA grants for Nazareth Hospital development projects, totaling $5.34 million since 1995.

Prof. Fahed Hakim, Medical Director of Nazareth Hospital, has identified diabetes treatment and prevention as an important public health issue. “Diabetes is an increasing challenge for the Nazareth community. Our goal is to provide top quality dialysis services but also to teach our children and youth how to avoid this debilitating disease and prevent its complications.”