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Isaac Herzog, President of Israel, visits Nazareth Hospital

Isaac Herzog, President of Israel, visits Nazareth Hospital

On December 14th, Isaac Herzog, President of Israel, and his wife Michal Herzog visited the Nazareth Hospital to witness the launch of the 160th Anniversary celebrations.

Nazareth Trust CEO Richard Mayhew (right) with Isaac and Michal Herzog (left) and Hospital Medical Director Dr. Fahed Hakim (center)

Richard Mayhew addressed the President and invited guests, explaining the long history of the Nazareth Hospital and its importance to the community:

“We are proud of our 160-year history, and we are delighted, Mr. President, that you are here today to celebrate with us. Our Christian faith is at the heart of our organization, expressed through the care for the sick physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Health is a unifying factor of this hospital. Our staff and patients, perhaps uniquely in this hospital, would be representative of all the different faiths, of all the faith traditions, of all the political persuasions of this land, but united as one in treating the sick.”

President Isaac Herzog also addressed the group and highlighted the three religions in Israel:

“The Nazareth Hospital is distinguished by faith, a faith in God where the three religions believe in saving lives and treating those who need it. Thank you for your great work serving the community with His grace.”

Isaac and Michal Herzog expressed their gratitude to the management and hospital staff for the outstanding medical services provided to the region, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Dr. Fahed Hakim shows new areas of the hospital to Isaac and Michal Herzog during their visit. The pediatric surgical unit was funded in part by an ASHA grant obtained by Nazareth Project.