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Nazareth Project Secures $1.5 Million Grant for Nursing School

We are excited to announce that Nazareth Project Inc. recently received a $1.5 million
award from ASHA (American Schools and Hospitals Abroad) that will be used for
equipping the expanded Nazareth Academic School of Nursing. The two-year grant will
be used for training equipment, digital resources, software and furniture in new
classrooms and simulation rooms. In response to this tremendous news Dr. Salam
Hadid, Director of the School of Nursing remarked, “This is a great encouragement and
great support for us.”

As the only Arabic speaking nursing school in the region, funding from the ASHA grant
will help ensure the education of future generations of nurses in Nazareth and in the
wider community of Israel/Palestine. Describing the future goals of the School of
Nursing, Dr. Hadid stated, “We currently have around 350 students in any one cohort
but we would like to grow our capacity, offering nursing education to anyone who
knocks at our door. The exam pass rate of our students is consistently between 98-
100% each year.”

The grant from ASHA and the subsequent projects in Nazareth that it supports, was
made possible through the monetary gifts from NPI supporters. Howard Good,
Executive Director of Nazareth Project Inc. explained, “NPI’s donors make ASHA grants
possible by their financial contributions to help fund the application process and the
management of the ASHA grants”.

ASHA’s mission is to provide assistance to overseas schools, libraries, and hospital
centers to catalyze collaborations between U.S. citizens and citizens of other countries.
The program also provides for the infrastructure and equipment that are necessary to
sustain developmental results in health service provision and education in other nations.
Direct awards are made to U.S. Organizations like NPI who have partnered with
overseas institutions such as Nazareth Academic School of Nursing for their

Commenting on the impact the ASHA award will have in Nazareth, Richard Mayhew,
CEO of our sister organization, The Nazareth Trust, remarked, “I am so pleased and
delighted, as it will make such a difference to the work of the School of Nursing and is a
great encouragement to our staff. This is brilliant news.”

Since 2015, NPI has received four grants totaling $4,391,475 for new equipment at
Nazareth Hospital for the Pediatric Surgery Unit, an updated Dialysis Unit, an expanded
Trauma Unit, and now for equipment for the refurbished and enlarged teaching and
simulation rooms at the School of Nursing.

In light of current events, the impact that NPI supporters continue to have by supporting
healthcare in this part of the world is immeasurable. In addition to ASHA Grants, NPI also supports nursing students at the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing through the Nancy Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund. We will continue to partner with our friends in the U.S. and in Nazareth for the sake of peace and in the name of Jesus.

The Nazareth Project is the primary US partner of the Nazareth Trust, an organization
dedicated to serving the population of the Middle East and the wider world through
healthcare, education, proclamation, and service. Our work and mission are rooted in
the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. We are committed to serving all peoples, regardless
of faith, political affiliation, or tradition. The offerings of the Trust include the Nazareth
Hospital and the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing, as well as Nazareth Village and
the SERVE Nazareth program, both of which allow patients, students, volunteers,
pilgrims, and tourists to deepen their relationship with God and one another. Contact us
today for more information on these programs, or consider donating to support our