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An Important Update From Our Partners The Nazareth Trust

Nazareth Project’s primary partner in Israel is the Nazareth Trust, owner of the Nazareth Hospital, Nazareth School of Nursing, Nazareth Village and SERVE Nazareth. In December, Richard Mayhew completed his tenure as CEO of the Trust. Waseem Dibbini, CFO and Deputy CEO, has been appointed as Acting CEO while the Nazareth Trust Board determines future leadership.

Waseem recently provided an update on current developments at the Hospital and the School – all in the context of the four-month Gaza war that is still occurring:

  • The Nazareth Trust has recovered from the financial challenges it suffered a year ago due to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the Trust is planning to further develop and expand their facilities and services. This includes a new MRI machine purchased with a grant from the Israel Ministry of Health, a new protected area, an expansion of the outpatient department, and increasing the overall number of beds in the hospital.
  • In the context of the current war, the Maana Psychological Service Center, a partner of Nazareth Hospital, has provided services to the general public, the Trust’s staff, and residents displaced from their homes. This support had a significant impact on many overcoming the psychological distress they were exposed to following the events of October 7 and its aftermath. Local communities and institutions abroad have provided funding to support these important activities.
  • The Nazareth Academic School of Nursing has obtained a license from the Higher Education Council, allowing it to enter into an academic partnership with Ono Academic College. This new arrangement for the BA in Nursing degree will allow hundreds of students the opportunity to achieve a better professional and personal future. Construction of two additional floors at the Nursing School has increased its capacity to meet future students’ needs. A generous gift from an Arab Canadian donor, funding from the Israeli Ministry of Health, and a grant that NPI obtained from ASHA all contributed to the expansion and equipping of the School.
  • Unfortunately, due to the current war in Gaza, The Nazareth Trust has suspended the activities of the Nazareth Village and the SERVE volunteer program. In order to prepare for a possible escalation of the war to the northern borders of Israel, there is ongoing training of staff members for all scenarios during the current crisis. There are additional protected areas on the premises of Nazareth Hospital to meet any potential challenges.
  • Following the war’s outbreak, the spiritual services staff increased their presence around the staff and patients. Additionally, they connected with other Christian institutions in the community with performances based on a spiritual Christmas theme. Staff also published and distributed many reflections on the values of Christmas, which had a special impact on everyone.

As both NPI and The Nazareth Trust look optimistically toward the future, we thank our friends and financial donors as we continue our mutual work for peace in the Holy Land. We ask you to continue to pray for both management and staff, for the continued development, success, and expansion of the Trust’s services. Additionally, please pray for peace, justice, tranquility, and prosperity for the region.