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West Bank Physicians and NPI Participate in Online Webinar

On Saturday, April 13, Nazareth Project held a morning webinar with Dr. Ez El Din Khalawi Abu Kharshi, Dr. Ihab Qasem Suleiman, and Dr. Suzy Srouji. The purpose was to highlight the stories of the doctors NPI financially supports in Nazareth Hospital’s West Bank Physician’s Advanced Training Program. All three doctors took the time to dialogue with their U.S. supporters from Nazareth. Many of the webinar attendees are current, or former medical professionals who contribute to the program.  

Dr. Srouji, Director of External Affairs opened the webinar expressing her gratitude for the support NPI and its friends have given to the program. She also expressed the need for advanced training for the physicians in the region, many of whom receive training in other countries and do not return to the Palestinian territories afterward. This is a huge dilemma due to the current scarcity of medical specialists in these areas. The hospitals where these physicians work in the West Bank sends some financial support to Nazareth Hospital to cover their costs; however, there is a gap and NPI is raising funds to fill that gap.  

Dr. Abu Kharshi also spoke of his gratitude to all the webinar participants for their help and financial support. Originally from Hebron, Dr. Abu Kharshi saw the need for physicians in the West Bank and pursued specialized training at Nazareth Hospital to help its underserved population. Dr. Ihab Qasem Suleiman is originally from Jenin, and like Dr. Abu Kharshi, saw the need for doctors with specializations in his area and wanted to make a difference. Both physicians are married with young children and are balancing their personal and professional lives as they pursue this advanced training.  

Describing their program experiences so far, both doctors mentioned the excellent environment at Nazareth Hospital. They said despite the current conflict in Israel/Palestine, they see harmony between members of the different religious groups employed there. They expressed feeling welcome and taken care of and described the institutional atmosphere as kind and generous. In addition to their medical training, the physicians have received training in Hebrew language that is required for all Israeli government medical documentation.  

NPI thanks all of our friends and supporters who contribute to this very needed program. As we move forward with our partners in Nazareth, we will continue to pray for peace and work with those who care for those in need.