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Celebrate Nazareth Hospital’s 160th anniversary in 2022

2022 will be a very special year for the Nazareth Hospital, as we continue celebrating the 160th anniversary of Dr Vartan’s arrival in the hometown of Jesus. In honor of this significant milestone, the Nazareth Trust is planning a week of celebration events in Nazareth, which will coincide with the annual Nazareth Challenge in the second week of November.

The Trust has also launched a 160th Anniversary Appeal, which offers our supporters the opportunity to become part of the unique history of the Nazareth Hospital and invest in its future.

It has been 160 years since Dr Kaloost Vartan and his wife, Mary Ann Vartan, made their journey from Edinburgh to the hometown of Jesus to open an 8-bed clinic, the only such facility for hundreds of miles. Thanks to Dr Vartan’s vision, today the hospital is an impressive district general hospital that continues to serve the people of Nazareth.

Over the years, the Nazareth Hospital has been blessed through the donations, fundraising and volunteering of people who believe in its ministry and medical mission. It is through their generous support that the hospital continues to be a blessing to the local community in Nazareth.

In this, the Nazareth Hospital’s 160th year, we invite you to become a part of its legacy in Nazareth by joining in this 160th Anniversary Appeal.

Saturday, Oct. 22, 2022 will be a special service of thanksgiving for the 160th anniversary.

For the travel and adventure enthusiasts, the Nazareth Challenge hike and bike ride that will run alongside the celebrations week offers a truly unique experience of the Holy Land over five days, as well as the opportunity to raise funds for the Nazareth Hospital in this important anniversary year. Read more about the Nazareth Challenge.