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2018 Tour Reflection – Rachael Eash Scott

2018 Tour Reflection – Rachael Eash Scott

Rachel Eash Scott is a family physician from Milwaukee who does obstetrics as part of her practice. Rachel participated in an NPI-sponsored tour to Israel in March 2018 and she […]

Rachel Eash Scott (R) with Joan Kreider in front of the Dome of the Rock

There were so many highlights on the trip: learning about Nazareth hospital and seeing Bob and Nancy Martin’s warm homecoming there; eating a Palestinian meal in the West Bank; meeting new friends; eating street food in Jerusalem’s Old City; standing on the Temple Mount looking over the Mount of Olives; walking the Via Dolorosa with our group and thinking about the millions of feet that have walked the same path. My aunt and I traveled wonderfully together and helped each other keep a sense of humor when things weren’t going perfectly.

And now in recent weeks there has been a horrible outbreak of violence again in Gaza. There are no easy answers, no easy way forward to peace. But what I’ve learned is that the people of Israel/Palestine want peace, and that respect must be given to both sides in this conflict to bring peace to this holy land.
I’m grateful that I was a part of a trip that not only highlighted the incredible work of the Nazareth Project, but also helped me connect with my faith in a new way.”
– Rachel Eash Scott